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Our Process

Dedicated, and down-to-earth.

We’ve learned throughout the years that how you handle a client relationship is just as important as the actual work that you do. Yes, we’re experts in this industry, however our success was bred by a commitment to listening, and a willingness to collaborate.


PB Kitchen Design gladly takes on any role that will facilitate utter satisfaction. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll experience a highly responsive and proactive approach. And if you’re an interior designer and choose to partner with us, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your job easier, and to make you shine.

The Plan

This is the information-gathering phase, and we want to know it all. We’ll listen intently to your parameters, goals, and budget to gain a comprehensive view of the project scope. During our consultations we identify challenges and gain clarity – preparing us for our next stage.

The Concept

For many, this is the most thrilling aspect of the project. Embracing your design taste and preferences, we’ll produce floor plans, elevations, and details – as well as guide you through any and all appliance, fixture, lighting, and surface decisions. We’re driven to make this creative process a fun, rewarding endeavor.

The Production

Here is where we put our artisanship to work. Our project team carefully reviews all details and submits a written order to our trusted cabinet manufacturing partners. Typical cabinet lead times are 8 to 14 weeks.

The Transformation

Now the cabinets become the shining jewel of your kitchen. The General Contractor oversees the project’s construction including demolition, framing, finish carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, drywall etc. Our talented cabinet installers assure that the fit and finish are performed to the highest of standards.


The Perfect Partners

There are many cabinet brands out there, yet we only align ourselves with ones that have consistently delivered the quality, and flexibility, that we demand. An invaluable cabinet shop partner is one who welcomes collaboration, and one who is as scrupulous about the details as we are.

We work with innovative cabinet brands that enable us to offer a wide array of choices. PB Kitchen Design gives you the option of semi or fully custom cabinets, covering a range of price points and a variety of handpicked styles and finishes.

So whatever brand you decide to go with – from Signature to Quality to Premier – the finished product will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

More Information

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