Luca dalge M2m Ti3 A14 AU unsplash August 07, 2019

Fantistico! PBKD wins Antolini 2019 Designer Project of the Year!

We are so excited to share the news that our Geneva Polished Traditional project just won "Antolini's 2019 Designer Project of the Year!" The design team of Cara Mamott of Haven Design Group LLC, Debbie Larson and Dan McFadden of PBKD collaboration features counters and back-splash utilizing Antolini Tech (A-Tech) Statuario Extra, their wonderful slab porcelain product. For the win, Debbie will represent the team with a trip to Antolini Luigi & Company quarry and headquarters in Verona, Italy in September, hosted by Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company of Wheeling, IL.